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#BrilliantProposals: Kara & Luke

Kara and Luke met online in April 2021 and soon after met at Loco Patron in Tempe, AZ for their first date. Over margaritas and tacos, they quickly learned they had a lot in common both being from Colorado and both attending CU Boulder. If this wasn’t strange enough, they also both did the same study abroad program called Semester at Sea. But, they realized soon enough that their connection was more than skin-deep and in addition to their geographical and educational similarities, they also clicked on an emotional level. That first date turned into several more, and the better they got to know each other the more Kara and Luke knew they had found the one.

Surf’s Up

Now, one of their favorite things to do together is wake surf on Luke’s boat at Lake Pleasant, but when they first met, Kara had never surfed before. As a testament to their growing love and connection, Kara put her faith in Luke as he shared and taught one of his favorite hobbies to the woman he was falling in love with. Kara was lucky enough to “have her cake and eat it too,” as she found the man of her dreams and a hobby that she loved.

A Serendipitous Proposal

Recently, Luke and Kara rented a houseboat on Lake Powell. What Kara thought was a fun getaway, would actually the vacation of her dreams, as Luke, unbeknownst to Kara, was planning to propose on this trip. While Luke knew this was where he wanted to propose, he didn’t actually have the how part figured out as he still wasn’t sure how he wanted to pop the question. But when Luke saw Kara hiking up a hill near their campsite, everything clicked. Luke quickly grabbed the 2 1/2 ctw emerald cut lab grown diamond ring, which he designed himself at Grown Brilliance, he followed Kara up the hill, and, in front of a cheering audience of friends and family, asked Kara to marry him.

A Magical Moment

Of course, Kara said yes and later described her experience as the perfect proposal in the most magical place, with the perfect ring to top off the whole occasion. “I am over the moon with this ring. I absolutely love it!” We wish Kara and Luke many more magical moments to come and are so happy we could be a part of their love story!

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