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Lab Created Diamond

Hoop Earrings

Bold and brilliant, our lab created diamond hoop earrings are all you need to indulge in everyday glamour. Whether you go for an eye-catching inside out hoop or a sweet diamond huggie style, these exquisite pieces are the perfect staple to add to your personal jewelry collection. They’re also great for daily wear and can easily elevate your ensemble.

At Grown Brilliance, we carry a wide assortment of man-made diamond hoop earrings. Get the best of both worlds with hybrid drop styles, or keep it classic with timeless round hoops. Don’t be afraid to go extravagant with emerald cut diamond hoop earrings. You can also choose round, oval, pear, heart, radiant, marquise, trillion, and more. Finish the piece in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. If you’re not sure which lab grown diamond hoop earrings to purchase, our team can help you find the right pair that suits your style. Our pieces are available in a wide range of price points so you can stay within your budget.

We are proud to offer diamond hoop earrings for women as well as diamond hoop earrings for men. Our expertly crafted pieces are made from high-quality materials, including lab grown diamonds, which are identical to mined ones. In fact, they are physically, chemically, and visually the same as mined diamonds. The only difference is that they are grown in a laboratory setting instead of deep in the earth’s crust. This makes our fine jewelry an ethical option. Explore our stunning collection and find your favorite pair of hoop earrings at Grown Brilliance.

Yes. However, hoop earrings are available in a variety of styles from plain metal, pearl, gemstone, and diamond hoops. Hoops with diamonds are more dramatic, eye-catching, and chic. Not to mention, they pair well with any outfit. Best of all, they are timeless and won’t go out of style.

Diamond hoop earrings are available in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and large. The size of the earrings can impact how the earrings frame your face and the price. Larger hoop earrings often have more metal and diamonds, and therefore may be more expensive.

The best way to select the right pair of diamond hoops is by measuring your ears. This is especially important if you are buying hoop earrings online. Hoop earrings are usually measured in millimeters or inches. To get measurements, place the end of a ruler at the center of your lobe piercing. Measure the distance from the piercing to the bottom of your earlobe or to the distance below your earlobe that you want the hoops to hang. This can help you determine the right pair of diamond hoops.
Small hoops are typically under 20 mm, while medium hoops are 20 mm to 40 mm. Large hoops can be 50 mm or more. Small hoops flatter most face shapes, while large hoops are best suited for wider or elongated face shapes.

Yes. Lab grown diamonds can be added to hoop earrings. In fact, diamonds give hoops a stylish and chic look. At Grown Brilliance, we expertly craft our pieces with the finest materials. You can choose from a variety of styles that include lab created diamonds. Whether you want inside-out round hoop earrings or sunflower drop petite round hoops, you’re sure to find the perfect pair that suits your style and personality.