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Engagement Rings, A Symbol of Love

Engagement rings are a symbol of the love that two people share for each other. It symbolizes their commitment and dedication to each other, and it signifies a beautiful journey which two people tend to embark upon as they make the decision of spending their lives together.

Whether you choose a traditional engagement ring or a modern one, it is a perfect representation of the love that you share with your significant other. It will last a lifetime as a reminder of why you are in the relationship.

The engagement ring is usually in the shape of a circle. Typically worn on the left finger, this ring has deep meaning as it has no end and beginning. It is the reflection of an unending, infinite love which transcends this life. It shows how everything is completely connected and how two people come together in a beautiful way.  At Grown Brilliance, your engagement rings can be customized according to your likes and requirements.

Know your Engagement Rings Budget

Engagement Rings, Setting a Budget

If you’re looking to get engaged soon, you probably know the pressure that picking out the perfect engagement ring has on both partners.

Many people see the selection of an engagement ring as the reflection of the depth of love a between partners. It may be a representation of your love for your fiancé, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

So, how can you pick the perfect engagement ring? Follow these tips:

Know your budget

Figure out how much you are ready to spend on a beautiful engagement ring, and on your partner.  It doesn’t have to be a huge diamond, it just has to be the perfect one for them.

Learn about the 4Cs of Diamonds

Do your research

Before going to a jeweler, do some research on your own so you can know what you are looking for. Understand the 4Cs of carat, clarity, color, and cut. It will equip you with all the knowledge before you actually walk into the store to buy your engagement ring.


It is always best to prioritize your finances. Ask yourself a few questions, such as, ‘Would I increase the budget due to a particular characteristic of a ring?’, or ‘Can I alter the timeline of another financial goal?’ This will help you make a smart buying decision.

Learn about the 4Cs of Diamonds

If you are looking to purchase a piece of diamond jewelry, either natural or lab grown, you must remember that the quality of a diamond is actually determined by its 4Cs, including Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

Without finding out the right balance between these 4Cs, you might end up overpaying for a few of these characteristics while failing to spend enough on others. Following the given recommendations, you will be able to find the perfect balance of value and quality in your purchase.

Click here to learn more about the 4Cs

Shopping for a Diamond by Shape

Diamond shape means the physical form of a diamond. It is one of the very first attributes which couples consider while shopping for a diamond engagement ring. At Grown Brilliance, we offer a variety of diamond shapes. You can choose the shape that best reflects your relationship and individual style.

Round Lab Grown Diamond


This is the most common shape of a diamond and currently the most popular choice for engagement rings. This dazzling shape has proven to be really timeless and versatile.

Oval Lab Grown Diamond


A gleaming twist on the classic round shape, oval diamonds are preferred by people for its illusion of a larger size. They are remarkable and elegant.

Cushion Lab Grown Diamond

Cushion Cut

These diamonds have a greater rectangular or angular square shape. They are a romantic, timeless choice.

PrincessLab Grown Diamond

Princess Cut

They are very popular because of their contemporary sparkle and style. Featuring a square shape, they possess four pointed corners and feature more than 70 facets, resulting in amazing sparkle.

Pear Lab Grown Diamond


Featuring a rounded edge, these diamonds form a symmetrical tear drop shape. This elongated shape gives a distinctive glare.

Emerald Lab Grown Diamond

Emerald Cut

They are treasured for their striking outline and elegance. The rectangular facets offer a fine-drawn reflective shimmer.

Marquise Lab Grown Diamond


These diamonds are pointed on the ends and curved in the middle. It creates a larger surface area as compared to other diamond shapes.

Asscher Lab Grown Diamond

Asscher Cut

Asscher cut diamonds offer a brilliant shimmer and feature a square shape with cut out corners.

Radiant Lab Grown Diamond

Radiant Cut

This shape combines the elegant glamor of the emerald shape with the brilliance and spark of the round diamond.

Heart Lab Grown Diamond


The ultimate symbol of love, heart-shaped diamonds tend to sparkle with two symmetrical halves, forming a romantic and bold look.

Choosing a Engagement Rings Setting

Engagement Rings, Choosing a Setting

Choosing a setting for your diamond engagement ring is something that you will likely devote most of your time to, given the multitude of options that are available.  In order to select a ring setting, you’ll need to choose a style, ring size, metal type, and metal color.

The best way to choose a ring setting is to first find the right style. Here, finding an online jeweler, like Grown Brilliance, could prove to be a great decision as you get to see a wide variety of ring styles. We have a multitude of ring styles available.

To select the perfect ring, consider what exactly tends to fit your lifestyle and personality. Your budget, along with your personal style and everyday activities, are all key considerations which will guide your selection of a ring setting.

To learn more about choosing the best metal type and color, click here.

Finding Your Partner’s Ring Size

Our experts at Grown Brilliance are often asked how they can find the right ring size for their partner without letting them know. Here are a few tricks and tips to use!

Be subtle

If you wish to keep your proposal a surprise, but still want to find the right ring size, you can ask your significant other in a smooth way. You can pretend to be buying a ring for your niece/mother/sister/aunt or anyone else. Casually ask for her ring size for reference!

Ask Their friends

This is the safest way to find out your partner’s right ring size. Friends know the best and have the perfect insight! Even if the friend doesn’t know directly, he or she can be the one to ask your partner.

Borrow one of their rings

Snag one of their rings for a day! Make sure that you take one which your significant other wears on the same finger.

Trace the Ring on Paper

Place their ring on a piece of paper and trace a circle on the inside and outside of the ring. Repeat the process to ensure that your ring traces look consistent. It’s easy to understand the diameter of their ring from your drawing!

Use Our Printable Ring Sizer

If you’re shopping together, then it doesn’t have to be a big secret! You can download our printable ring sizer to find the right size. There are two options, one for if you have a ring that fits, and one if you don’t. Download the printable sizer here.

How to Care for your Engagement Ring

It goes without saying that your engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry, and you never want anything to happen to it. Proper care of your ring is extremely important since it’s something that will stay with you for a lifetime. Here are a few recommendations to help you keep your engagement ring as good as new.

Get Regular Check-Ups

You should get your ring professionally checked from time to time. Wearing your ring every day can cause stones to get loose or for the metal to bend. It is important that the prongs are securely holding the diamond together to ensure that the precious diamonds don’t fall out.

Ring Cleansing

You can clean your lab grown diamond jewelry the same way that you do most of your fine jewelry. One simple method is to use a little dish soap and warm water and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft cloth or soft bristle tooth brush. Rinse it clean and then let it dry on a soft cloth. Another options is to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. If you need more professional cleaning or repairs, please contact us.

Refresh Metal Setting

Over time, the metal on your ring can get tarnished due to moisture and oxygen coming into contact with it. If this happens you can have the ring professionally re-polished. If this is something you would like to do, please contact us.

Remove Ring During Heavy Activities

Doing heavy activities such as gardening, moving furniture, lifting weights, and manual labor could cause your engagement ring to get damaged. It is always best to remove your ring before you do such activities.