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Lab Created Diamond

Three Stone Rings

Tell the story of your love in style with an exquisite three-stone engagement ring. With each stone representing the past, present, and future of your relationship, this engagement ring style comes with a beautiful and intimate symbolism. The options are abundant, from classic round brilliant gems to sleek emerald cut diamonds or mixed cut designs. Share your gratitude for the past, your joy for the present, and your excitement for the future with a striking three-stone engagement ring.

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The trio of stones in Grown Brilliance’s 3 stone engagement rings represent your relationship’s past, present and future. The stones depict your shared history as a couple, your current love and your dreams of what’s to come. They’re a stunning symbol of your journey together, blending style and sentiment.

At Grown Brilliance, we offer a wide selection of 3 stone engagement rings with an array of stone colors, settings and metals. A 3 stone ring’s unique layout, with each stone signifying an important stage in your relationship, means you can select a meaningful piece for your engagement ring.

Ethical Brilliance of Our 3 Stone Engagement Rings

At Grown Brilliance, crafting your perfect 3 stone engagement ring begins with ethical brilliance. Our lab-created diamonds are a testament to modern science and ethical practices, providing a more humane and cost-effective alternative to traditional mining.

The lab-creation process ensures a controlled, conflict-free origin for each sparkling gem in your ring. The value extends beyond cost-effectiveness; it’s about making a conscious choice. By choosing Grown Brilliance’s 3 stone lab-created diamond engagement rings, you are choosing a piece that’s exceptional in quality and aesthetics. It’s also rooted in ethical principles, making your symbol of love truly impactful.

3 Stone Engagement Rings: A Symbol of Past, Present, and Future

3 stone lab grown diamond rings are often called past, present and future rings, referring to the three stunning stones. Flanked by two smaller jewels, the centerpiece beautifully reflects the journey you and your love have taken as a couple and the path that lies ahead.

Choosing Your Perfect 3 Stone Diamond Ring

3 stone diamond rings are timeless and versatile. At Grown Brilliance, you can find the perfect fit for your budget and sense of style. When you’re picking out your engagement ring, consider the following characteristics:

  • Diamond quality. When judging a diamond’s quality, remember the four C’s – carats, cut, color and clarity. Carats refer to weight, cut describes how well the stone sparkles, color can range from tinted to colorless and clarity refers to imperfections in the stone. Most of our stones at Grown Brilliance have a clarity of VS1 or VS2 and are near-colorless, allowing you a superior diamond at less cost than a naturally mined stone.

  • Diamond size. Diamonds are weighed in carats (cts), corresponding to the stones’ sizes and cost. The bigger the carat, the more expensive the diamond. With Grown Brilliance, you can choose your preferred carat size to meet your budget. For instance, a 5 1/3 ct diamond may cost about $6,890, versus a 3 ct stone in the same ring, priced at about $4,400.

  • Metal. The color of the ring’s metal affects how the stones appear once they’re set. Gold is a nonreactive precious metal that doesn’t tarnish or rust. Gold comes in three hues, white, yellow or rose gold, matching all skin tones and styles. You can also choose platinum for your 3 stone ring, which offers an elegant touch and won’t tarnish.

  • Additional stones. The 3 stone engagement ring is versatile as well as stunning. With three stones, you can mix and match color combinations and sizes. For instance, choose a 2½ ct princess-cut blue diamond set in yellow gold for a uniquely vintage-modern feel or a more stately, near-colorless 3 stone ring in platinum.

Customization Options With Grown Brilliance

You have multiple customization options when you choose a 3 stone diamond engagement ring with Grown Brilliance. We offer the ability to customize any pre-designed ring to your preferences, along with specialized engagement ring design services:

  • Customize a pre-designed 3 stone ring. Explore our range of carefully crafted pre-designed 3 stone rings and make it uniquely yours. Adjust the metal type and diamond size or add a personal touch, ensuring your ring perfectly symbolizes your beautiful journey while resonating with your aesthetic preferences.

  • Design your own platform. Our Design Your Own platform lets you craft a ring as unique as your love story. Start from scratch, choose your preferred settings, metals and ethically sourced lab-created diamonds to assemble a ring that beautifully encapsulates your shared past, present and future.

  • Truly custom. Get a personalized 3 stone diamond engagement ring with our Truly Custom service. Work with our skilled artisans to design a one-of-a-kind three-stone ring from scratch. From the initial conceptualization to the final creation, you can join in the process of creating a symbol of love uniquely tailored to your story.

Explore Our 3 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Rings for Your Forever Piece

Discover a symbol of love that’s as enduring and unique as your own love story with Grown Brilliance’s exquisite 3 stone lab-created diamond engagement rings. Each ring is a masterpiece of ethical craftsmanship, embodying a promise of a beautiful future.

The brilliance of our lab-grown diamonds is matched only by the love you share. Explore our collection today, and find the ring that sets the foundation for a lifetime of shared moments.

Grown Brilliance’s diamonds are created in a controlled lab environment, providing an ethical alternative to traditional mined diamonds. Choosing our 3 stone engagement rings lets you embrace a symbol of love that aligns with responsible practices.

3 stone rings possess a greater symbolic significance than engagement rings with side diamonds. Side stone engagement rings feature diamonds along the shank, while 3 stone rings contain only the three stones, which are often referred to as the "Past, Present, and Future" stones, symbolizing the journey of romance, commitment and the passing of time. Ultimately, the choice and design preference is yours; both are stunning rings.

While the most common shape for 3 stone rings is round, any gemstone or diamond shape can be used, giving you the freedom to select a shape that best suits your style.