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Lab Created Diamond

Anniversary Bands

Every relationship milestone deserves a celebration. So at Grown Brilliance, we offer a stunning collection of anniversary bands, each designed to symbolize the enduring bond between two people. Whether you’re marking your first year together or your fifth, our anniversary bands are the perfect way to say, “I’d choose you all over again.”

An anniversary band is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a tangible reminder of the love, commitment, and shared experiences that define your relationship. It’s a symbol of the past, a celebration of the present, and a promise for the future. And what better way to represent this enduring love than with diamond anniversary bands?

Lab Grown Diamonds for Sustainable Style

With their unmatched brilliance and durability, diamonds have long been associated with love and commitment. They are the hardest known substance on earth, a fitting metaphor for a love that withstands years of relationship highs and lows.

Our diamond anniversary bands feature these precious gems in various settings and styles, from classic to contemporary, ensuring an option for every taste.

But at Grown Brilliance, we also believe in offering choices that align with your values. Our lab created diamond anniversary bands featuring diamonds that are visually identical to their mined counterparts and have the same physical and chemical properties. The only difference? They’re a more sustainable and ethical choice, as they require less energy to produce and don’t contribute to environmental degradation or human rights abuses.

Anniversary Band Styles

At Grown Brilliance, our most popular options include five stone and seven stone bands and stackable bands, each offering a unique way to celebrate your enduring love.

Five Stone Anniversary Bands

Our five stone anniversary bands are a beautiful representation of a love story that continues to grow. Each stone can symbolize a significant milestone or chapter in your relationship, making this band a thoughtful expression of your life together.

Crafted with precision, these bands feature five equally sized diamonds or a larger central diamond flanked by four smaller ones. The diamonds are typically set close together, creating a continuous line of brilliance that catches the eye. Whether you choose a band with round, princess, or emerald cut diamonds, a five stone band is a stunning way to celebrate your love.

Seven Stone Anniversary Bands

Our seven stone anniversary bands are an excellent choice for those who prefer sparkle. These bands feature seven diamonds, offering a more substantial look and a greater degree of brilliance. The diamonds can be of equal size or with a larger central diamond accompanied by smaller ones.

We also offer a stunning selection of alternating seven stone anniversary bands featuring three ruby, emerald, or sapphire gemstones nestled between each lab grown diamond.

Stackable Bands

Stackable anniversary bands are a delightful way to celebrate milestones and eternal love. These versatile rings feature a slim and elegant design, allowing them to be effortlessly stacked alongside an engagement ring or other bands.

Each additional band symbolizes another cherished year, creating a meaningful and personalized story. Stackable anniversary bands not only add sparkle and beauty but also serve as a daily reminder of the enduring commitment and the love that continues to grow with each passing year.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Anniversary Ring

Designing your own anniversary ring is an unforgettable and heartfelt way to commemorate your love story. At Grown Brilliance, our Truly Custom service empowers you to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that perfectly reflects your unique journey together.

Just upload an image, drawing, or description of your ring, including information on the gemstone type, cut, and color, your preferred metal, setting style, and design details, and our team will craft a ring that resonates with your style.

This personalized experience ensures that every element of the ring symbolizes your cherished memories and dreams for the future, making your anniversary even more exceptional and meaningful. Celebrate your love with a bespoke anniversary ring that will be treasured forever.

There are no set rules, as it depends on your personal preference. However, women typically receive anniversary bands for occasions such as a milestone year. This can include a 10-year, 20-year, or 30-year anniversary.

Alternatively, you can gift a lab created diamond anniversary ring to your partner for an off anniversary. In other words, you can give an anniversary band for your first or second anniversary instead of waiting for the 10-year mark. Best of all, your partner will least expect it, making the ring a lovely surprise. Other occasions include celebrating an important date, such as your first kiss or when renewing your vows.

An anniversary band can be worn on any finger and either hand. It all depends on your partner’s personal preference. If wearing one on the left hand next to an engagement ring and wedding band feels overwhelming, an anniversary band can be worn on the right hand. Also, the traditional rules have changed, so don’t be afraid to mix diamond shapes and metal colors.

Only if you want it to. It’s all about personal preference. An anniversary ring can be worn in place of a wedding band, or it can be stacked with an engagement ring and/or wedding band. You can mix diamond shapes and metal colors in the stack; it’s all about what looks good to you! For those that enjoy statement pieces, a lab diamond anniversary band can be worn along on the right hand. It can be worn alone, or it could complement another ring.