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Lab Grown Gemstone Jewelry

Want a piece of jewelry that looks stunning and keeps you as cool as the moon? Then you have landed on the right spot! The Pearl is universally known as the stone of serenity, since it imparts the strength of the moon on its wearer. It is believed to strengthen relationships and bring a sense of calm to whoever adorns them. No wonder they are popular as gifts within the realm of jewelry.

A true symbol of wisdom, these gorgeous glistening stones have a sort of iridescence to them that is hard to describe.Our Pearls are environmentally friendly, since they simulate the process of growth in labs, just like it would be underwater. So go ah

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Discover the radiant colors of the Grown Brilliance lab grown gemstone jewelry collection. Our handcrafted pieces, featuring stunning rubies, sapphires and emeralds, blend ethical beauty with unparalleled craftsmanship. Explore the rich blues, passionate reds and lush greens that define our selection.

Grown Brilliance is at the forefront of a vibrant revolution in jewelry, where luxury and affordability meet in a kaleidoscope of color. Find your perfect hue and let your brilliance shine with a piece as unique as you are.

Our Lab Grown Gemstone Jewelry Collections

From sparkling sapphire necklaces to fiery ruby earrings, the lab grown diamond and gemstone fine jewelry collection at Grown Brilliance embodies sophistication and ethical luxury.

Engagement Rings

Ignite the spark of forever with Grown Brilliance’s mesmerizing collection of colorful gemstone engagement rings. Choose from designs like the enchanting emerald central stone ring, symbolizing eternal love or a captivating ruby cushion-cut halo ring, radiating passion and warmth.

Each piece, manufactured with precision, offers a unique way to declare your love. Let the rich colors of our gemstones tell your unique love story, making every moment brilliantly unforgettable. Say “yes” with a ring that shines as brightly as your future together.

Anniversary & Eternity Rings

Celebrate milestones with Grown Brilliance’s stunning collection of colorful gemstone anniversary and eternity rings. Wrap love around your finger with designs like a breathtaking blue sapphire and diamond two-row eternity band or an exquisite seven-stone emerald ring, each symbolizing unending devotion. Crafted for moments that matter, these rings are a beautiful tribute to everlasting love.


Let your style speak volumes with Grown Brilliance’s exquisite collection of colorful gemstone necklaces, including designs like a romantic heart-shaped ruby fashion necklace,/a> or a sophisticated emerald halo pendant necklace. Each piece is a masterpiece, blending vibrant colors with timeless beauty. Perfect for any occasion, these necklaces add a touch of brilliance to your everyday wear.


Wrap your wrist in the splendor of Grown Brilliance’s colorful lab created gemstone bracelets collection. From the classic sophistication of a sapphire tennis bracelet to the cutting-edge chic of an emerald and diamond fashion bracelet, there’s a piece to suit every taste and event. Embrace ethical luxury and color with bracelets that sparkle with life and elevate your style.


Accentuate your style with Grown Brilliance’s dazzling array of colorful gemstone earrings. Choose from dazzling pear-shaped emerald dangle earrings to classic ruby halo studs. Each design will add a touch of sophistication and a pop of color to any ensemble. Make a statement and captivate the room with earrings that bring your brilliance to life.

Create a Custom Piece

Grown Brilliance’s Truly Custom service transforms your jewelry dreams into reality, offering a bespoke experience where your visions are crafted with precision and passion. This personalized journey allows you to co-create with expert designers, selecting from ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, to construct a unique piece that resonates with your personal story.

The Science Behind the Beauty

The science behind creating lab grown gems is a fascinating blend of technology and artistry, mirroring nature’s process in a controlled environment. This innovative process begins with a small seed of the desired gemstone, like a ruby, emerald or sapphire crystal, which acts as a blueprint for growth. The two main methods used are Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).

Both methods produce gemstones that are chemically, physically and optically identical to their mined counterparts, but they do so with a precision and ethical oversight that traditional mining cannot match. Lab created gems not only offer a more socially responsible option but also allow for the creation of gemstones with fewer imperfections and consistent quality.

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With Grown Brilliance’s exceptional collection of sapphire, ruby and emerald pieces, you are guaranteed to find the highest quality bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, each crafted with care. Whether you need the perfect accessory or a loose lab grown gem to customize your dream piece, Grown Brilliance offers unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship.

Embrace the future of fine jewelry with Grown Brilliance. Discover our stunning range of lab grown diamonds and gemstone jewelry today and experience the perfect blend of ethical luxury and timeless elegance.

Lab grown gemstones can be certified and graded using the same criteria as mined gemstones. They are evaluated based on the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) by reputable gemological laboratories, ensuring their quality and authenticity.

Yes, fancy color diamonds produced in a laboratory setting are real diamonds. These vibrant gems possess the same chemical composition, physical properties and crystalline structure as their naturally mined counterparts. The only difference lies in their origin; they’re made with precision and care in controlled environments, ensuring that each stone meets stringent quality standards.

Fancy colored diamonds come in a wide spectrum of hues due to variations in their chemical composition and the conditions under which they were formed. Elements such as nitrogen and boron contribute to the yellow and blue shades, respectively, while structural anomalies during formation can result in pink or red tones. At Grown Brilliance, we use these colored gems to craft exquisite and remarkable jewelry pieces.