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Finding the Perfect Wedding Band Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Finding the
Perfect Wedding Band

Wedding Rings, A Symbol of Commitment

Wedding Bands, A Symbol of Commitment

J.W. Lord, the author of Worlds said, ‘A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment; a promise, a pledge and a vow.’

The wedding ring shows your promise to your partner of staying true and devoted, until the end.  It is when two people mutually agree to come together not just as two, but one.

We all dream about that big day when we would walk down the aisle and pledge to each other of ever-lasting love. All of this is made official with the help of a beautiful wedding ring that is slipped onto our partner’s finger.

There is a reason why wedding rings are placed on the fourth finger of your left hand.

Tradition says that the vein on this finger is directly connected to the heart. This means your wedding ring is the representation of the eternal love that exists between both partners. Hundreds of years later, the tradition is still followed closely. The rings also symbolize pride. As we have our rings on, we feel prideful of our marriage and our partner. Both of you will show off your ring with pride, signifying your love and commitment with each other.


Women’s Wedding Band Styles

Every woman wants to choose or receive a wedding ring that suits her personality and style the best. Let’s learn the various types of wedding rings that are commonly chosen.

  1. Channel Set Diamond Rings – This ring style usually features a row of diamonds held in a track, or “channel” between two walls of metal. The diamonds are nestled against each other and not separated by prongs or metal.
  2. Shared Prong Diamond Rings – Shared prongs are just that… two or more diamonds that share the same prong in the setting.  They usually consist of a row of diamonds without a metal border and allow for maximum sparkle and light reflection. These rings exhibit the sheer brilliance of diamonds.
  3. Scalloped Pave Diamond Rings – The style of these rings features round cutouts on the band’s sides that minimize the amount of visible precious metal, creating an impact of shimmer.
  4. Plain Wedding Bands – These are purely classic and timeless metal bands.  They have no embellishments like diamonds. Not only traditional and comfortable, they are stylish with being designed in platinum, 18k white, and yellow gold.
  5. Eternity Band – A diamond eternity ring has diamonds that wrap themselves sweetly all the way around the finger.  Be careful… some eternity rings cannot be re-sized if your finger size changes.  It’s best to place a special order in case you want to change your ring size.

    How to Wear Your Wedding Band

    Your wedding ring is an important part of your persona and must be showed off in the best way possible. Traditionally, the wedding band is worn inside the engagement ring, so that it is “closest to the heart”.  Today, many women mix and match their wedding band with other bands and metal colors for a stacked look on the finger.

    Complementary Wedding Ring

    Match Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

    The general rule is that if the wedding ring looks good with the Engagement ring, then it’s perfect.  Many engagement rings have a matching wedding band, designed to match perfectly, and take the guess work out.  Traditionally, most women choose a band that matches the same settings as the side diamonds on their engagement ring.  Or they chose a traditional prong set band.  Today, you can choose complementary styles and metal colors to pair with your engagement ring.

    Choose a Complementary Wedding Band

    Do you want your wedding and engagement rings to fit excellently together but do not want them to be a perfect match? Then it is best to consider a wedding ring which complements your engagement ring.

    You can choose to have the same precious metal used, giving both your rings the same properties. Moreover, you can have your engagement and wedding rings include the same gemstones.

    Another option is to have the aesthetic and the style of your rings similar. For instance, if you have a vintage-looking engagement ring, get a similar one for your wedding.

    Wedding Ring

    Wear a Separate Wedding Band

    You may opt for an exclusive wedding ring that doesn’t compete for attention with your engagement ring. If you have a modern aesthetic, you may also wish to showcase your engagement and wedding rings separately.

    Finding Your Ring Size

    There are various ways which can help you in finding the right ring size. To see various ways to find your ring size, click here.

    Print Our Free Ring Sizer

    Click here for a printable ring sizer to help you measure your ring size conveniently.

    Own Ring Sizer

    Helpful Hints for Measuring Ring Size

    • Make sure your finger is at normal body temperature as you measure your ring size as they can expand or shrink depending on whether they are hot or cold.
    • If you don’t know your partner’s ring size at all, it is safest to select one standard ring size.
    • Rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter so choose the size accordingly.
    Men's Wedding Bands

    Men’s Wedding Bands

    There are various choices for wedding bands available for men. Here are a few common options:

    Plain Wedding Bands

    Are you a person with a preference for traditional rings? Then a plain wedding band with no diamond or gemstone accents would do the trick for you. You can often choose it in 14K gold, 18K gold, platinum, or other metals. Often, grooms choose to wear a ring of the same precious metal as their brides.

    Wide Wedding Bands

    Men’s wedding bands often vary in width. Narrower bands make for a humble choice whereas wider ones can create more of a noticeable look. Wider rings are also more expensive because a larger amount of precious metal is used in them.

    Unique Wedding Bands

    Some men also wish to infuse their wedding ring with a personal style for a detailed or modern look. These grooms want to choose a hammered or a brushed finish, a band which has a gemstone accent, one with a masculine braid, or any other symbol.

    Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

    Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

    It has become more and more popular for men to choose bands with diamonds in them. It could help you to stand out in the crowd as a groom.

    How to Care for Your Wedding Band

    You can clean your lab grown diamond jewelry the same way that you do most of your fine jewelry. One simple method is to use a little dish soap and warm water and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft cloth or soft bristle tooth brush. Rinse it clean and then let it dry on a soft cloth. Another options is to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. If you need more professional cleaning or repairs, please contact us.

    Get your ring insured

    Do you want your ring to last a lifetime? You should insure it as soon as possible in order to protect your investment. You may be able to add it to an existing policy, or you can add a separate policy through a private insurance company.

    Never take it off in public

    Never take it off in public

    It is best not to remove your ring when you’re in public. You may forget where you put it down, or it could go down the drain if you remove it to wash your hands

    Remove your engagement ring occasionally

    When at home, there may be times that you would want or need to remove your engagement ring. These could entail everyday tasks such as showering, cleaning, or cooking, or sleeping. In fact, if the ring is not removed at these times, dirt and grime can build up. When you do take off your ring, be sure to keep it in a safe place where you can easily find it later.