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Emerald Engagement Rings

Be mesmerized by the enchanting reflections of an emerald engagement ring. Famous for their long step-cuts that create a hall of mirrors effect, this beautiful style is ideal for brides that prefer understated elegance to all-over sparkle. The flattering, elongated shape is known for its deep clarity and stunning precision. An emblem of the Art Deco era, an emerald engagement ring has a vintage aesthetic while remaining effortlessly chic and polished. Timeless love stories deserve to be symbolized by emerald engagement rings.

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At Grown Brilliance, every gem tells a story. Our exquisite emerald cut engagement rings symbolize your shared love with your partner. Emerald cut stones have a rectangular or square shape, echoing the sophistication of the Art Deco era with a captivating play of light and shadow.

Lab grown emerald engagement rings are ideal for brides seeking understated elegance and represent a deep, clear and unwavering love. Characterized by distinctive symmetrical angles, the emerald cut is a testament to timeless grace and enduring commitment.

The Unique Appeal of Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you’re a bride who wants more of a gleam than a sparkle, an emerald cut may be an ideal choice. This diamond cut has 57 subtle facets from its clipped corners and beveled edges, producing a simple yet bold prismatic effect. Due to these characteristics, the emerald cut diamond is one of the most iconic fancy-cut stone styles.

The long step cuts on the sides of an emerald cut diamond contribute to a hall-of-mirrors appearance, showing a unique interplay of light and reflection within the gem. This muted gleam is different from the fiery sparkle of other cuts, like the princess, but some brides find it more appealing.

Emerald Cut: Vintage Charm with Modern Appeal

Although the emerald cut has been around for centuries, it has a modern appeal that sets it apart. Since these green gems aren’t as strong as diamonds (a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale to a diamond’s 10), the emerald cut safeguards their corners, the weakest points.

The result is an elegant cut that has been a favorite for centuries. Celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez have embraced the emerald cut as a stunning way to showcase their love.

Pre-Designed Emerald Cut Rings at Grown Brilliance

Choosing a pre-designed emerald cut ring from Grown Brilliance is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a life-long piece of jewelry. The array of style and customization choices at Grown Brilliance allows you to choose a ring that meets your high expectations.

Along with the gem shape, you can also select the metal for your ring, the carats of your stone and the color.

Creating Your Own Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If you know what you want your ring to look like, you can design it using our Design Your Own platform. This online app lets you choose the details of your ring, such as cut, carat, metal and setting. After you design your ring, you’ll be sent a link to see it in 360-degree view, making it simple to envision on your or your partner’s finger

Explore our Truly Custom service for a unique design experience where your vision is brought to life by skilled artisans. To begin, upload images, drawings or sketches of your desired piece, including details such as carat weight, color and cut.

We’ll provide a digital mockup of your envisioned jewelry within a few days. Upon approval, your custom-designed piece will be crafted and ready to adorn your finger in just two weeks.

Why Grown Brilliance?

Grown Brilliance’s commitment to ethically sourced, lab grown diamonds adds meaning beyond visual beauty. Choosing an emerald cut engagement ring from our selection (or designing a ring) isn’t just about picking the perfect ring; it’s about finding the right fit for you as a person.

  • Source. Mined diamonds come from the earth in a resource-heavy process that can damage local habitats. Lab grown diamonds are cultivated in controlled environments using advanced techniques that mimic nature but don’t come with the same costs.

  • Quality and purity. Lab grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined ones; a Grown Brilliance stone has the same durability and beauty as any other diamond.

  • Cost-effective. Lab-grown diamonds typically cost a fraction of mined diamonds. This is because the processes used to create a lab grown diamond are more streamlined and efficient than those mined in nature.

  • Ethical considerations. The diamond mining industry is associated with ethical concerns, such as unsafe working conditions. Lab grown diamonds offer an alternative to these issues, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is ethically sound.

Choose an Emerald Cut for a Modern, Timeless Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is often an instant heirloom and one with an emerald cut stone can be the most memorable. With understated beauty and a classic, vintage look, your emerald cut diamond engagement ring will maintain its beauty and represent the timelessness of your love.

At Grown Brilliance, you can select your ring from our collection of pre-designed emerald cut rings, or craft your own using our innovative design platforms. Transform your unique love story into an exquisite engagement ring.

Yes, an emerald cut stone looks elegant with side stones, especially if they are also emerald cut. A three stone setting can make the central gem look larger, helping you achieve a more impactful look with a smaller emerald cut diamond.

Side stones are smaller diamonds or gemstones that flank the center stone on an engagement ring. Side stone engagement rings are an ideal selection for those seeking to add extra brilliance and reduce the amount of metal visible on the setting. Side stones are great because they often make the central stone look much bigger in comparison.

The carat weight of the center diamond is dependent on individual preference and budget. A 1/2 carat or higher is a popular choice for those seeking a diamond that stands out.