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Heart Engagement Rings

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A heart is a universal symbol of love and kindness and the perfect way to express your commitment and affection for your partner. A lab grown heart shaped engagement ring from Grown Brilliance captures the essence of romance, ensuring your proposal is as unique as your love story. Let the brilliance of our heart shaped diamonds reflect the depth of your love and the promise of forever.


Why Choose a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring?

A heart shaped diamond design makes a clear statement about the depth and purity of your feelings. But what sets a heart-shaped diamond apart is its vintage appeal. While modern cuts may come and go, the heart shape has a timeless allure of classic romance.

Whether surrounded by a halo of diamonds, set in a solitaire design, or paired with a contemporary band, the heart shape remains the focal point of admiration. For those looking to blend old-world charm with a touch of individuality, the heart-shaped engagement ring is a beautiful choice.

Designing Your Perfect Heart-Shaped Ring

At Grown Brilliance, we offer an extensive range of heart shaped engagement rings, from high glamor to simple minimalism; we have the perfect ring to make your proposal even more special.

Choose between 14K white, rose, or yellow gold or platinum to complement your heart-shaped stone. You can also select the carat weight up to a luxurious 5 5/8 carats and choose between D or EF color grades to further personalize your ring.

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind piece featuring a heart-shaped stone, explore our Design Your Own and Truly Custom services.

Design Your Own

With our Design Your Own service, you can use our simple tool to choose your perfect ring style and gem setting, then select your stone’s carat weight and the ring metal you want. Choose a setting that showcases the diamond’s unique form, such as a three-prong setting that accentuates the shape. You can also have matching wedding bands made for yourself and your spouse-to-be for a stunning bridal set.

Truly Custom

Our Truly Custom service gives you complete freedom to design a personalized ring. Simply upload a photo, drawing, or description of your perfect heart-shaped engagement ring, and our skilled artisans will create a 360° video of the ring. Once you’ve approved the proof, we’ll craft the ring and it will be ready within as little as 14 days.

Ordered the wrong ring size? We offer free ring resizing within 30 days of purchase for U.S. orders. We’ll also resize your ring once a year, for life, absolutely free, so you can rest assured your heart-shaped engagement ring will always fit your finger perfectly.

Why Grown Brilliance?

Grown Brilliance takes pride in its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Unlike traditional mining, which can often be associated with environmental degradation and questionable labor practices, Grown Brilliance’s diamonds are created in controlled lab environments. This lab creation process not only reduces the environmental footprint but also ensures that the diamonds are produced without exploiting workers or communities.

Grown Brilliance lab created diamonds never compromise on quality. They have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. This means they offer the same brilliance, sparkle, and durability as natural diamonds. Grown Brilliance ensures that each diamond undergoes strict quality control checks, promising you a product that not only shines brightly but also stands the test of time.

Get Peace of Mind With Grown Brilliance

At Grown Brilliance, our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty is a testament to our commitment to our customers. We guarantee that our jewelry and lab grown diamonds will remain free from manufacturing defects and retain their optical brilliance forever.

Every piece we sell undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring only the best reaches you. However, our warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear, loss of stones due to trauma, or issues arising from third-party repairs. If you notice a manufacturing defect, contact our customer service, and we’ll handle the rest, from sending you a prepaid shipping label to repairing or replacing the item.

Save More With Our Friend Referral Program

While lab grown heart shaped diamonds are a more affordable alternative to mined gemstones, Grown Brilliance’s Friend Referral Program offers a fantastic way to share and save even more.

When you refer a friend, they receive $150 off their first purchase. In return, you’ll earn a 10% discount once they make their purchase.

Find Your Perfect Ring At Grown Brilliance

When you choose Grown Brilliance for your heart engagement ring, you embrace ethical sourcing and unmatched quality. Experience our exquisite collection firsthand by visiting one of our four GB lounges, where you can meet with a specialist and view our heart-shaped pieces in person.

Or book a virtual appointment and let our artisans bring Grown Brilliance’s exceptional customer service and jewelry knowledge to you. Make your love story shine brighter with Grown Brilliance.

Grown Brilliance understands the importance of seeing a ring before purchasing. We offer virtual consultations and have detailed images and descriptions on our website. Additionally, our customer service team is available to answer any specific questions.

Rest assured that all jewelry featuring a center stone of 3/4 carat or larger will be accompanied by a center stone certificate upon shipment.

While a promise ring symbolizes commitment and hope for the relationship prior to engagement, engagement rings typically feature a larger carat weight and signify the promise of marriage.