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Artfully crafted from ethically sourced lab grown diamonds, our bracelets are available in multiple metal colors and diamond carat weights. Choose the one that suits you best!

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Diamond bracelets, popular with fashion-forward hollywood celebrities, help define their iconic looks. These versatile and timeless bracelets make them an essential accessory that effortlessly pairs with casual and formal wear, adding a touch of sophistication.

At Grown Brilliance, we offer a stunning selection of lab grown diamond bracelets to put the finishing touches on your ensemble. Explore our range, which showcases various carat sizes, elegant metal settings and captivating diamond cuts, to find the perfect bracelet that celebrates your uniqueness.

Our Diamond Bracelet Designs

Discover the dazzling array of diamond bracelets at Grown Brilliance, where elegance meets versatility. We proudly offer an extensive selection of different bracelet styles to suit every taste, including

  • Tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets radiate timeless elegance, featuring sleek lines and geometric patterns. Distinguished by their uninterrupted row of diamonds, these bracelets are a perennially stylish choice, perfect for daily wear and special occasions.

  • Fashion bracelets. Elevate your style with our fashion bracelets, where boldness meets contemporary chic. With various designs, including Cuban links and a mix of diamond sizes and shapes, these bracelets are the perfect choice for adding a trendy and modern twist to your look.

  • Bangle bracelets. Bangle bracelets bring a touch of tasteful modernity to any outfit. Their elegant, circular design, embellished with sparkling diamonds, infuses glamor into your look, perfect for a night out or adding a special touch for a casual get-together.

  • Anklets. Adorn your ankle with our stunning diamond anklets. These delicate, elegant pieces, starting from as little as 3/4 carat diamonds, provide a gentle and delightful shimmer to your style, making them the perfect accessory in warmer months.

Precious Metal Options for Your Diamond Bracelet

Selecting a lab created diamond bracelet from Grown Brilliance allows you to personalize your accessory with your preferred metal. We provide a variety of metal options for our bracelet and anklet designs, including:

  • 14K yellow gold. Embrace the warmth and enduring beauty of 14K yellow gold, a classic and beloved choice that brings traditional elegance to your bracelet. It is the ideal setting for a four pronged round tennis bracelet or three station bangle bracelet.

  • 14K white gold. Experience the modern luxury of 14K white gold, renowned for its sleek and sophisticated finish that beautifully accentuates the brilliance of diamonds. This contemporary choice adds a touch of refined elegance to any ensemble. White gold, for instance, enhances the subtle elegance of a double diamond chain bracelet.

  • 14K rose gold. Indulge in a romantic and chic look with a 14K rose gold setting on an East-West diamond tennis bracelet. This metal radiates charm and flatters various skin tones, infusing your accessory with a delicate touch of femininity.

  • Platinum. Platinum, celebrated for its outstanding durability and extraordinary luster, is perfect for jewelry that becomes part of your daily wear. Opt for platinum in pieces like an Evil Eye anklet, ensuring your accessory withstands the rigors of everyday use.

Making Your Diamond Selection

Choosing the right diamond for your bracelet means you can create an exceptional piece of jewelry that’s all your own. Consider the following diamond characteristics when finding your ideal diamond bracelet:

  • Shape. The shape of your diamond influences the overall look of your bracelet. Whether you prefer the classic brilliance of a round cut, the elegance of an emerald cut or the modern allure of a princess cut, we have the shape to match your vision.

  • Cut. Experience the mesmerizing sparkle and brilliance that come from a perfectly executed cut. Our diamonds are not just expertly crafted; they are masterpieces of precision, ensuring that every facet is meticulously shaped to enhance the stone’s natural brilliance and fire.

    In our collection, you’ll find diamonds boasting an Excellent Cut rating, renowned for their harmonious patterns and extraordinary sparkle that truly captivate.

  • Clarity. Diamond clarity refers to the presence of internal or external flaws. Our diamonds have high clarity grades, such as VS2+, allowing you to choose one that meets your desired level of perfection.

  • Hue. Embrace a world of color that perfectly aligns with your unique style. Our collection ranges from the timeless elegance of colorless diamonds to the enchanting charm of diamonds paired with vibrant colored stones.

  • Carat. Carat weight determines the size of your diamond. Whether you desire a delicate accent at 1 1/2 carats or a bold centerpiece at 9 2/3 carats, our range of diamond sizes ensures you find the perfect balance for your bracelet.

Customize Your Bracelet With Our Truly Custom Service

Creating a one-of-a-kind bracelet is effortless with our Truly Custom service. In just a few steps, you can bring your dream bracelet to life:

  • Inspiration submission. Begin by uploading your sketches and images and describing your ideal bracelet. Choose your preferred metal, specify the total carat weight and wrist length and make a $100 deposit.

  • Design visualization. Within 2-4 days, receive a 3D rendering from our design team. You’ll see your bracelet in a 360-degree video, get a price quote, and book a Virtual Appointment for any clarifications or adjustments.

  • Final creation. In just 12 to 14 days, your bespoke bracelet will transition from a dream to reality. Anticipate the arrival of a masterpiece flawlessly crafted to embody your vision and ready to add a touch of elegance to your collection.

Accessorize Your Wrist With a Diamond Bracelet From Grown Brilliance

Discover the ultimate destination for extraordinary lab-grown diamond bracelets at Grown Brilliance. Each piece is a celebration of your unique style and personality. Our extensive collection, featuring various designs, precious metals, and customizable diamond choices, invites you to create and own a piece that's as unique as you are.

Step into a world where elegance meets personalization and add an exclusive, dazzling piece to your accessory collection.

At Grown Brilliance, your total satisfaction with our diamond bracelets is our priority, so we provide a user-friendly manufacturing warranty. This warranty protects against manufacturing flaws and includes lifetime maintenance services, including cleaning and prong tightening. We offer these services to keep your diamond bracelet looking its best and to preserve its value.

Yes, fashion bracelets are considered gender-neutral. They are an excellent way to add a subtle sparkle to any men’s or women’s outfit. However, some bracelet styles, like Cuban link chains, are more typically masculine, and others are more feminine, like bangles.

Slide the narrow end of your diamond bracelet into the opposite end until it makes an audible clicking sound. Then, snap the hidden safety bar closed to secure the diamond bracelet in place. For more detailed instructions on opening and closing your diamond bracelet, check out our How-To video.