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Diamonds are a celebration, a memento of life’s most brilliant moments. The jewelry that represents you should be every bit as elegant and unique as yourself. So, that’s what we created - 100% conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds, brilliantly set in a range of classic designs, modern styles, and design-your-own options to reflect your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness.

We truly believe that diamonds are personal. They express your style, represent your values, and tell your story. Express yourself with Grown Brilliance, where we don’t just create diamonds, we create diamonds that deserve you

Ethical luxury:
Our promise

Lab-grown diamonds are structurally, chemically, and visually identical to natural stones, all without the ethical or environmental effects of mining. But we’ve taken it one step further. From production to packaging, we are on a continuous journey toward sustainability. Our diamonds are 100% conflict-free, we use 96% recycled gold, and we aim to be 100% recycled gold by 2025, and our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials.

To learn more about our commitment and path toward sustainability check out our 2023 Sustainability Report here.

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  • Fully-Recyclable
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Classically-Inspired: Our Story

Grown Brilliance was founded by Akshie Jhaveri, a third-generation jeweler. Inspired by her family’s legacy, Akshie launched a collection and then a company whose mission was to create a transparent and value-driven approach to jewelry with 100% conflict-free lab-grown diamonds always of the highest quality that never compromise on style or value. Grown Brilliance was founded with the understanding that the right jewelry has the power to transform how you look and feel, and we strive to bring you that power with our commitment to timeless jewels and conscious living.

As a proud minority-female-founded and 75% female-led company, Grown Brilliance’s commitment to Akshie’s founding mission is only matched by our commitment to supporting brilliant women who continuously push commercial and creative boundaries to empower and inspire future generations of women to pursue their passions. Telling their stories is an integral part of writing our own.

Brilliantly-Set: Our Designs

No two people are the same, and only they know what styles make them shine the brightest.

Our premade collections are designed by hand, featuring a modern take on classic styles. And our custom pieces are truly custom: from the diamond to the setting, our expert craftspeople will create a stunning piece to exactly your specifications. Because your jewelry should represent you, no one else.

These are diamonds that deserve you.

The Grown Brilliance Community's Impact

1% of every Grown Brilliance purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Grown Brilliance community is making below.