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About UsAbout Us

Who We Are

At Grown Brilliance, our years of experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry have helped us identify the unique opportunity and incredible need for an alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. We crafted a brand that delivers at every level of our commitment to quality, ethics, product integrity, design and value. We strip away the friction and ambiguity in the online diamond buying process by offering you high quality jewelry choices and a simple, risk-free shopping experience. Our commitment parallels your commitment to ethical shopping and quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Why We Are Here

At Grown Brilliance, our goal is to remove the mystery behind the new wave that is sweeping the jewelry world. The advent of lab grown diamonds has made everyone take a closer look at this ethical alternative to mined diamonds. By certifying our lab grown loose diamonds, we bring you authenticity and transparency in the jewelry you buy. We want you to celebrate yourself and your loved ones with beautifully hand-crafted and socially responsible jewelry.

A Marriage of Luxury & Integrity

The process of traditionally securing mined diamonds has been known to be very destructive to the environment and comes at a high cost to both the earth as well as you, the consumer. Lab created diamonds are remarkable in quality and are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions in the earth. They exhibit the same fire, scintillation and sparkle. We strive to grow the finest quality diamonds, while bringing you significant savings as compared to mined diamonds.

Commitment to Customers

For some, jewelry is just that - jewelry. It is just bits and pieces of this and that enjoined together. But for us, jewelry personifies something 'enchanting, eternal and ethical'. We understand that the right jewelry has the power to transform the look and feel of your whole outfit. However, it is not just about designing and creating beautiful jewelry.

At Grown Brilliance, we feature lab-grown diamonds that are a perfectly ethical alternative to mined diamonds. Our conflict-free, high quality jewelry is loved by our customers and is perfect to suit your outfit for every occasion.

We have years of experience and insider knowledge of the jewelry industry. We believe that the products we create are a perfect reflection of our values. Our lab-created diamonds are ethically made in a controlled laboratory setting. We can help you choose the ideal combination of color and clarity, especially for the shape you prefer, while getting the highest carat diamond within your budget.

We give you the best, because we know you deserve only the best!

Commitment to Ethics

If you believe buying a jewelry product does no damage whatsoever, think again. Whenever we see diamond jewelry, we are quick to notice its sparkle, luster, and shine. But have you ever stopped and thought about whether it was really designed and created while keeping in mind concerns regarding the environment and ethics?

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds offered at Grown Brilliance are completely conflict-free because they are man-made in a controlled laboratory setting. All local labor laws are followed, including child labor laws, and the creation of our lab grown diamonds is free from funding violence, warlords, rebels, terror groups, corrupt governments, or other human rights abuses.

Protecting the Environment

When a diamond is mined, some 250 tons of earth is shifted for each carat. And every year, 148 million carats are mined. These mines are so massive that they can be viewed from space. This massive mining causes various problems including air pollution, water pollution, ecosystem loss and damage, greenhouse gas emissions, and usage of harmful materials in jewelry. We believe that lab grown diamonds are better for the environment than mined diamonds since lab grown diamonds are grown above ground, in a controlled laboratory setting, minimizing impacts to our natural resources. Additionally, we rise above the typical standard to provide diamonds that have been cautiously selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible heritages.

Commitment to Society

We recognize that some of the workers in our supply chain live and work in under-developed areas. That's why we are committed to improving lives in the following ways:

Gracing Livelihoods

Our workers are one of the most significant components of our business. Whatever we do, we believe in giving back to our workers by paying fair wages and providing a safe and friendly working environment free from harassment or unfair labor practices.

Prevention of Abuse

At Grown Brilliance, we have a strong commitment to global society and the resolution to keep our people safe. We are strictly against child labor and any kind of physical or sexual violence associated with the diamond jewelry industry. Whether you purchase rings, earrings, pendants, or bracelets from us, know that our jewelry was crafted in a safe and fair environment.

Spreading Love & Care

As part of our commitment to the global community, we are proud to support Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care USA (SRLC USA), which has helped to touch more than 10 million lives in over 100 cities worldwide with care programs promoting environmental sustainability, education, women’s empowerment, and more. Click here to learn more.