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Lab Created Diamond

Eternity Bands

The unbroken circle of an eternity band symbolizes an infinite bond of love and commitment that lasts forever. They are often given as a token of love on special occasions, such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child. They also represent a timeless style that stands as a testament to the longevity and beauty of your relationship.

The Lab-Grown Difference

At Grown Brilliance, our collection of lab grown eternity bands features gems scientifically and ethically produced through a highly controlled, technologically advanced process that replicates the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop.

Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds and they are graded by the same standards using the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carats.

Lab created diamonds are a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional mining. By choosing lab grown eternity bands, you’re making a conscious decision to support environmentally responsible practices.

Eternity Band Settings

At Grown Brilliance, our eternity band settings are designed with attention to detail, ensuring you receive a symbol of love that will last forever. Choose from our exquisite selection and find the perfect setting to commemorate your everlasting commitment.

All our stunning eternity bands are available in various precious metal options, including classic yellow gold, vintage rose gold and sleek, modern 14K white gold or platinum.

Single, Double and Triple Row

Experience the timeless elegance of our single, double and triple row eternity band settings. Each band features a continuous row of dazzling diamonds or gemstones, set in either a single row for a delicate look, double rows for added brilliance or triple rows for the ultimate statement of luxury.

Twist Settings

Discover the allure of our twist eternity bands, featuring an elegant twist or intertwining pattern, symbolizing the intertwining of two souls in love. Choose this enchanting setting to represent the journey of love you share with your partner.

Channel Set

Our channel set eternity bands are perfect for a sleek and contemporary look. Diamonds and gemstones are securely nestled within a smooth metal channel, creating a sophisticated appearance. This setting ensures a seamless and continuous row of stones, reflecting the enduring nature of your commitment.

Graduated Stones

Celebrate your love’s journey with our graduated stones eternity band settings. These bands feature diamonds or gemstones that gradually increase in size, representing the growth and progression of your relationship. With each stone meticulously set to showcase its brilliance, these bands are a beautiful reminder of your ever-growing love.

Pavé and Micropavé

Indulge in our pavé and micropavé eternity band settings. In the pavé setting, small diamonds or gemstones are closely set together, creating a surface paved with brilliance. The micropavé setting takes it to the next level, offering an unmatched shimmer. These settings add a touch of glamor and enchantment to any finger.


Discover the artistry of our V-prong eternity bands. This setting features a V-shaped prong that securely holds each diamond or gemstone while allowing maximum light exposure, enhancing their brilliance. The unique design of the V-Prong adds a subtle twist to the classic eternity band, making it a stunning symbol of eternal love.

Half Bezel

Our half bezel eternity bands are ideal for a contemporary and minimalist look. In this setting, the diamonds or gemstones are partially encircled by a sleek metal bezel, securing them in place while leaving the sides open to showcase their beauty. This modern design is perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance.

Multi-Stone Shape Settings

Express your individuality with our multi-stone shaped eternity bands. These settings feature a captivating combination of various diamond or gemstone shapes, such as round, princess, marquise or emerald cuts. Embrace the diversity of your love story with a band that symbolizes the uniqueness of your relationship.

Color Hue

At Grown Brilliance, each stone is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, beauty and significance, ensuring that your eternity band becomes a timeless symbol of your everlasting love. Whether you prefer the timeless brilliance of diamonds or the captivating hues of emeralds, rubies and sapphires, our collection offers a variety of options.


Our collection features a wide range of diamond cuts, including popular cuts like round, square and princess, as well as more unique or vintage cuts like marquise or pear. Each diamond is expertly hand-selected and set to enhance its natural fire and brilliance, making our diamond eternity bands a classic and timeless choice.


With their lush green hues, emeralds evoke a sense of elegance and regal charm. The emerald eternity bands at Grown Brilliance showcase these exquisite gemstones in our Alternating Oval Eternity Band, exuding sophistication and grace. As a symbol of growth and devotion, emeralds make a unique and meaningful choice for your eternal commitment.


Passionate and captivating, rubies represent love and desire. Our Alternating Round Eternity Band features these precious gemstones, carefully selected for their intense red hues and exceptional clarity. The fiery red tones of rubies add a touch of vibrant romance to your eternity band, making it a bold and striking declaration of love.


With their alluring blue shades, sapphires have long been associated with loyalty and fidelity. Our sapphire eternity bands showcase the mesmerizing beauty of these gems.

Fancy Pink and Fancy Yellow Stones

For those seeking a touch of individuality and playfulness, our fancy pink and fancy yellow eternity bands are the perfect option. These colored gemstones infuse your band with a burst of personality, expressing your love vibrantly and unconventionally. Each stone is carefully chosen for its vivid color and charm, ensuring that your eternity band symbolizes your love connection.

Create a Custom Eternity Ring With Truly Custom

At Grown Brilliance, we understand that your eternal bond deserves a ring as extraordinary as your relationship. We offer a simple way to create your custom eternity ring with our Truly Custom platform, which allows you to take control of the design process and ensure your ring becomes a cherished symbol of your love.

With our Truly Custom service, turn your vision into reality. Share your ideas with a sketch, photo, or description specifying the diamond shape, carat weight, metal, and ring size. In just 14 days, you’ll receive a 3D rendering to review every detail before our dedicated artisans create your eternity ring with care and precision.

It’s common to receive a diamond eternity ring to mark an anniversary, whether it’s one year, twenty years, or any anniversary in between. Women today are usually given one after the first year of marriage. Additionally, they’re given to celebrate other special occasions and milestones, such as the birth of a child or a graduation. Eternity bands can be worn alone or stacked with other rings.

This can vary, depending on a variety of factors. For example, if your partner has an engagement ring and a wedding band, you may want to choose a diamond size that complements these other pieces. Eternity bands can have total weights from 1 carat to 12 carats, and they don’t always need to be an exact match. It’s all about what you think looks best when stacking. When wearing alone, larger carat weights are very appropriate. Keep in mind that larger diamonds mean the band will be wider and taller, and your partner will be more likely to feel it between their fingers. Additionally, if stacking it with the engagement ring, it will need to fit underneath the engagement ring setting in order to lay up against the band of that ring.

You can wear a lab grown diamond eternity band on any finger and hand. However, it’s common for women to wear one on the ring finger of their left hand, next to their engagement ring and wedding band. If you choose to stack them, it’s customary to place the wedding band at the bottom, the engagement ring in the middle and the eternity band on top.

If you’re opting for a higher carat weight statement piece, man-made diamond eternity bands can also look stylish and glamorous when worn on the right hand. It can be worn on any finger, but the ring finger is most common.