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How we Do Green

Our Journey Towards Sustainability

At Grown Brilliance, our years of experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry have helped us identify the unique opportunity and incredible need for an alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. We crafted a brand that delivers at every level of our commitment to quality, ethics, product integrity, design and value. Stripping away the friction and ambiguity in the online diamond buying process by offering you high quality jewelry choices that are safe for the environment and 100% guilt-free, is our main goal. Our commitment to sustainable fashion parallels your commitment to ethical shopping at the best possible price...always.

Our goal is to bring you socially responsible jewelry, from the materials we use, to the beautiful packaging that we ship your piece in. You can buy our jewelry knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint in this world today!

A Marriage of Luxury & Integrity:
The process of traditionally securing mined diamonds has been known to be very destructive to the environment and comes at a high cost to both the earth as well as, you, the consumer. It is no secret that conflict diamonds still exist today in parts of Africa. It is time we take a step forward towards sustainability and work towards a greener planet. This is what inspired us to start a brand that is committed to selling only lab grown diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are remarkable in quality and are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions in the earth. Learn more about the process here. The optical, chemical and visual composition of a lab-created diamond is identical to a mined diamond. Since it is grown in a controlled environment, we can even control the color and clarity to some extent. This helps us offer clearer and near colorless diamonds at prices that are much lower than that of mined diamonds of similar qualities. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful diamond, and so should you!

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How We Do It


  • Lab Grown Diamonds
  • 100% Conflict-Free
  • No mining required


  • All jewelry is made from recycled gold
  • No dirty gold
  • Less negative impact to the environment by reducing the mining of gold


  • Using recycled materials for our boxes
  • Biodegradable materials in packaging
  • Plantable seeded cards


  • As of April 21st 2023, our entire supply chain, from our diamond growers to our jewelry factories are Carbon Neutral.
  • Giving back to the environment by collaborating with C-180.
  • Our monthly contribution to C-180 helps reduce our carbon footprint in the US.

1.Ethical Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are the only truly ethical choice for a diamond. This is because every step of their creation is completely environmentally friendly. Their carbon footprint is much smaller than for mined diamonds, and they do not require any cutting down of trees or digging up of land to get to them.

Lab grown diamonds are the ethical choice for anyone who loves diamonds but wants to avoid conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are still mined in war torn areas of the world, which puts their workers at risk and destroys the environment through deforestation and environmental pollution. These special stones give you beautiful jewelry without risking human lives or devastating wildlife habitats.

By choosing lab grown diamonds, you are already helping us reduce our carbon footprint together!

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2.Recycled Gold

Recycled gold is an ethical luxury. It's an opportunity to feel good about choosing a metal that has been lovingly made into something new again.

Our recycled gold refines your old gold into luxury jewelry, jewels, and other timeless pieces that are perfect for the person who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Recycled gold is created by a process that allows you to reuse unused precious metals, such as jewelry and other types of gold. By recycling old, broken or unwanted gold items, we can help keep processed and refined gold out of our landfills, reduce the amount of raw materials required for new gold products, and limit the need for additional mining activities.

We use 100% recycled gold in all our products. We do this because we believe that recycling is a way to protect Mother Earth and at the same time create beautiful things. The unique process we have developed makes sure your piece of jewelry is absolutely original and world-class quality.

3.Sustainable Packaging

  • 100% recycled and eco-friendly material
  • Ethically sourced packaging from certified factories
  • Using materials like recycled paper, linen, and seeded paper that can be planted
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4.Giving Back

From the inception of Grown Brilliance, our goal has been to positively impact our environment and the earth we live in. This is a Herculean task and for sure we cannot achieve this alone. We scouted many organizations and after thoroughly vetting them we decided to donate to and support Carbon180. Carbon180 is one of the most successful and impactful organizations working to remove carbon from our atmosphere. From land-based practices to tech innovations, Carbon180 works with the best and brightest in science and government to drive their work from idea inception to policy legislation. It is an honor to highlight Carbon180 and all their amazing work as part of our own sustainability initiative.

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5.Carbon Neutral

As of April 21, 2023 , our entire supply chain is carbon neutral. This means that any greenhouse gas emissions from diamond growing to jewelry manufacturing to cutting and polishing facilities, is offset to negate our carbon footprint. We are proud to be spearheading this initiative and do our part in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly jewelry industry.

In it together

One of the biggest problems we face as a society is deforestation. We need to think about how our actions impact the environment.

When you buy mined diamonds, you are contributing to this problem. When you buy a diamond from an unethical company that sources its materials from conflict zones, you are contributing to this problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable because they don't contribute to deforestation and they're just as beautiful as mined diamonds! Plus, they're often cheaper than mined diamonds!

If you want to help solve this problem and make the world a better place for everyone, consider buying a lab-grown diamond or using one of the ethical companies who source their materials responsibly.

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