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Lab Created Diamond

Stackable Rings

Every great ring stack starts with diamonds. Express your unique style with lab created diamond stackable rings from Grown Brilliance. From dainty styles to bold designs, layer multiple pieces to create your personal stunning set.

At Grown Brilliance, we carry numerous stackable band rings. These pieces are available in many diamond shapes, including baguette, marquise, princess, emerald, heart, and more. Finish the ring in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Whether you’re looking for an alternating multi-shape stackable piece or a domed emerald-cut ring, you’re sure to find your favorite piece. If you’re not sure which ring would suit you best, our team can help guide you to the right one.

Let us be your one-stop shop for stackable diamond rings. We’re proud to offer fine jewelry that’s expertly crafted and made with high-quality materials. Our lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds and have the same visual, chemical, and physical characteristics. When you purchase fine jewelry from us, you can be confident that you’ll receive lab grown diamonds that have the same fire, robustness, and scintillation as their mined counterparts.

Explore our stunning collection and find your favorite piece at Grown Brilliance.

Stackable rings are pieces that are layered and worn together, usually with an engagement ring, but sometimes stacked on any other finger you choose. You can stack an anniversary ring with your engagement and wedding bands to create a unique set. This trend lets you wear a variety of rings so you can tailor your look to complement your wardrobe, or to remember important milestones.

Yes, stackable rings are very popular whether you are married or not. In fact, this trend has been around since the 16th century. It’s become more popular thanks to celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

Moreover, stackable fashion rings are a great way to make a fashion statement. You can even mix and match different metals, styles, and diamond shapes to create a unique look.

The choice is up to you. Most people generally wear about three to four rings on a finger. However, it depends on the size of your hand as well as the sizes and shapes of the rings. It’s popular to stack an engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary ring together. You can even wear stacked rings on your thumb, although it’s less common. Some individuals also prefer to wear multiple stacks on one hand.

There are many styles of stackable rings for women. For example, there are curved and contoured stacking rings as well as V-shaped and diamond bands. At Grown Brilliance, we have many beautiful designs from which to choose, as well as pieces with thick and thin bands.