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#BrilliantProposals: Colin & Natalia

Natalia and Colin left for a magical week in upstate New York to enjoy the cozy embrace of a charming cabin in the woods. They  relished in s’mores, laughter, and endless conversations. But when a nearby mountain beckoned them to explore its trails, little did Natalia know that one hike would change her life forever.

Ascending the mountain, a charming stream guided them to a hidden, magical clearing. There, a miniature formation akin to Lion King’s Pride Rock emerged from the landscape, inviting them to its peak. It was the perfect stage for their love story to unfold.

Perched on the rock, with a stunning panorama before them, Natalia wished for a lifetime of moments like these. Embracing the serendipity, Colin replied, “Funny you say that…” and fell to one knee, revealing the ring. Tears streamed down their cheeks as she said yes, and they celebrated in that very spot, capturing memories that would last a lifetime.

The ring, a symbol of their love, was meticulously chosen through endless A/B questions and a treasure hunt of engagement ring designs presented to Natalia for weeks leading up to the secret purchase. Colin’s quest led him to the Grown Brilliance website, where he discovered the perfect design for her fairy tale. And so, their love story continues, forever entwined in the sparkle of that perfect ring.

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