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The Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

As the holidays approach, finding a meaningful, lasting gift for your loved one might be on your mind. Diamonds, with their timeless beauty, represent love and appreciation, making them a heartfelt gesture for those close to your heart.


From the gentle glint of diamond stud earrings to the contemporary charm of lab grown rings, Grown Brilliance offers diamond jewelry that will touch the heart of the wearer. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, we have a diamond gift that fits every style and budget. 

Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Diamonds have long stood as symbols of timeless love. Now, with lab grown diamonds, you can choose ethically without sacrificing the natural beauty and charm of traditional mined diamonds.

Explore our holiday gift ideas to find the perfect diamond jewelry piece for the special man or woman in your life: 

Diamond Stud Earrings

Grown Brilliance’s diamond stud earrings are an ideal holiday gift. Our 3-prong round studs have near-colorless diamonds with a VS2+ clarity rating and excellent cut grade, making them a great option for a cherished present that works with any ensemble. 


Our solitaire princess studs are a romantic option, showcasing this diamond cut’s iridescence inside a square-shaped metal bezel. Available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold, these studs are sure to make that special someone feel cherished this holiday.

For a hint of vintage charm, our emerald studs are a perfect choice. This design is a nod to the Art Deco era, with emerald cut diamonds inlaid in a precious metal setting. With a high clarity rating and white hue, this earring pair will complement her look every time she wears them.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Grown Brilliance’s diamond tennis bracelets make a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life, be it a man or woman. Consider the stunning Women’s 14K White Gold Tennis Bracelet, adorned with 64 exquisitely cut lab-grown Round diamonds weighing a total of 1.02 carats. These near-colorless (FG) stones, each weighing 0.02 carats, shimmer with a VS2+ clarity and are delicately housed in a prong setting. Equipped with a secure box clasp, this 7-inch bracelet is perfect for a lady with a sophisticated style. 


Our 14K White Gold East-West Tennis Bracelet holds 40 lab grown oval diamonds totaling 7.00 carats, held by a classic 4-prong setting. The diamonds are near-colorless (FG) and have VS2+ clarity, making his bracelet the perfect festive present.


The Men’s 14K White Gold Tennis Bracelet is ideal for a man with refined taste, featuring 28 lab grown Emerald diamonds totaling 13.08 carats, all set in a near-colorless (FG) hue with an impeccable VS2+ clarity.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Grown Brilliance’s holiday lineup of lab created diamond rings captivates with unique designs bound to capture your loved one’s heart. Our stackable rings make the perfect gift, offering a statement piece that will dazzle and turn heads everywhere she goes.  


Our Oval East-West Halo Stackable Ring uniquely marries the elegance of a 1-carat oval lab grown diamond with the timeless brilliance of surrounding round diamonds. Together, they create a stunning play of light, with up to 2¼ ctw.


If you are planning a holiday proposal, our Graduated Round Halo Ring showcases a stunning ¾ ct lab-grown round diamond, IGI certified with a VS2+ clarity. This centerpiece is accentuated by 26 side diamonds, together adding up to 0.63 ctw, all elegantly set in 14K white gold.

To design a one-of-a-kind ring that speaks to your love story, consider our Truly Custom service. Our artisans will help you bring your ideal ring to life for a memorable engagement experience, whether on a horse-drawn carriage ride or under the twinkling lights.

Diamond Necklaces

A diamond necklace from Grown Brilliance is more than just jewelry—it’s a heartfelt embrace, especially during the holidays. A graduated pear-cut diamond necklace is a timeless choice for someone who cherishes classic elegance. A Cuban link round diamond necklace with 7⅓ carats set in 14K gold is a showstopper, sure to make a grand statement. 

Those with a penchant for subtlety might be drawn to our delicate multi-shape fashion necklace, while a pearl diamond necklace effortlessly combines tradition with sparkle. Whether it’s for a family member or dear friend this festive season, choose a necklace that captures your warm wishes and shared memories.

Budget-Friendly Diamond Gifts

Lab grown pieces are ideal if you’re seeking the brilliance of diamonds without stretching your holiday budget. Thanks to their innovative manufacturing process, you can get a higher carat amount for your money, ensuring beauty and affordability in your festive gifting choices.


Here are our top picks for budget-conscious gift-givers this holiday season:

Under $500

Within the budget-friendly range of Grown Brilliance’s holiday collection, you’ll find diamond gifts under $500 that don’t skimp on style. Our diamond stud earrings offer a touch of sparkle with between ¼ and ½ carat diamonds at an accessible price point. 


An 11-stone wedding band featuring ¼ carat diamonds in 14K white gold is a refined choice for under $500. Featuring a near-colorless hue and superior VS2+ clarity, its delicate 1.7 mm width flatters and elongates the finger. It’s rhodium plating for enduring durability, while the white metal highlights the stunning brilliance of the eleven round cut diamonds. 

Consider a ⅕ carat paper clip round hoop earrings for a trendy flair. Cast in radiant 14K white gold and accentuated with twenty ethically sourced, lab grown diamonds, each piece offers responsible luxury. The near-colorless stones feature an excellent cut and VS2+ clarity for an irresistible shimmer. With a unique 0.66-inch paper clip design, these earrings combine traditional glamor with modern playfulness, making them an ideal gift.

Over $1,000

Make a statement with our selection of diamond gifts over $1,000 for those looking to go big this festive season. Steal the spotlight with the 2 carat round side stone engagement ring, featuring a 1½-carat central stone and eight round side stones with VS2+ clarity and a near-colorless (FG) color grade. Or, choose the double row side stones engagement ring, priced at just under $2,000 with 1½ carats. 


Our 3-prong round studs, set at 1½ carats, are a subtle alternative to standard 4-prong settings, allowing more of the diamond’s facets to glitter. However, if you prefer a classic setting, look out for our statement-making single stud earring. Weighing in at a generous 3 carats and set in rose gold, this gift ensures you leave a lasting impression.

Find the Perfect Gift This Holiday

The holidays are a time of joy, reflection, and expressing love to those dear to us. With Grown Brilliance’s lab created selections, from budget-friendly options to grand statements, finding the perfect diamond gift has never been easier. 

As each sparkle carries a story, make sure your gift tells one of cherished moments and deep affection. Explore our entire collection of diamond jewelry today to make this holiday season truly special for those you love.

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