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#BrilliantProposals: Kaitlyn & Sebastian 

A Love Game

This year, we’ve shared with you some amazing real-life love stories. From online dating to blind dating, houseboats to cabins, and proposals that range from the too-well-planned to the not-planned-enough, we’ve learned that there is no right way to fall in love. 

Love, like engagement rings, is not a one-size-fits-all situation. 

This month’s #BrilliantProposals features Kaitlyn and Sebastian, whose story exemplifies just that – it’s a story that reminds us that there is no set recipe, instruction manual, or GPS route to help you find love, and, while AI may be taking over all other aspects of our lives, love is ultimately still a very human connection. 

A prenup photo of Kaitlyn and Sebastian

Love vs. The Atlantic Ocean

Despite the physical separation, Kaitlyn and Sebastian developed an emotional connection deeper than the ocean that lay between them. So, Kaitlyn finally planned a trip to visit Sebastian, but the universe had different plans and a worldwide pandemic postponed her trip for two years. Even in the face of this hardship, Kaitlyn and Sebastian were not deterred and they made long-distance work by gaming together, facetiming, and, texting each other constantly.

Hello, Heathrow!

When life finally calmed down, Kaitlyn immediately booked her flight, and when she got off the plane, Sebastian was there waiting for her with a big hug and coffee in hand, and, right there, in Heathrow Airport, they knew they would spend the rest of their lives together.

Sebastian proposed in June on the Alnmouth beach in England and Kaitlyn was surprised and overjoyed to accept. “I immediately fell in love with my Grown Brilliance engagement ring, and now, we are currently on our way to getting married on February 29, 2024, and continuing our fairytale story, while giving hope to other long-distance couples around the world.” 

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