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#BrilliantProposals: Taylor & Jonathan

In the movies, love seems to always be written in the stars, in real-life, though, love can sometimes just be a shot in the dark, like when your friend is tired of listening to hearing you complain about how lonely you are so they set you up on a blind date with a friend of a friend not because they think this guy is your soulmate, but simply because he said yes. And that’s where this love story begins, on a blind date set up through mutual friends, a literal shot in the dark, that brought Taylor and Jonathan together. And since that night, though not fated or star-crossed, Taylor and Jonathan have been inseparable.

Love Knows No Distance

At the beginning of their relationship, Jonathan worked in the fishing industry and was gone quite a bit. But Taylor and Jonathan knew they had something special with each other so they made it work through late-night phone calls, early-morning emails, and endless texting throughout the day. And whenever the distance of him being gone would get hard for both of them, Jonathan would tell Taylor, “Forever and Always,” and with these three words, they both knew the distance was only for the moment and only strengthened their commitment to one another as it proved that their love was greater than any distance between them, forever and always.

Wedding Bells and Diamond Rings

Taylor and Jonathan knew they were meant to be together and started to talk about marriage pretty early on in the relationship. So, of course, Taylor took it upon herself to help Jonathan out a bit and start looking for rings. She knew she wanted an emerald-cut diamond, but wasn’t happy with any of the settings she was being shown, until she got to Grown Brilliance. At GB, Taylor found the diamond she wanted in the setting she envisioned and immediately began sending screenshots of the ring of her dreams to the man of her dreams, and Jonathan knew very well how to take a hint.

Forever and Always

On Christmas Eve, with both their families together, Jonathan’s father told Taylor, Jonathan was waiting for her in front of the tree to have their picture taken. When Taylor walked into the room, Jonathan was down on one knee, and right there, in front of their families and closest friends, he asked if she would do him the honor of spending the rest of their lives together, and, of course, she said yes! Taylor already knew she loved the ring, but didn’t know that Jonathan secretly had the ring engraved with his most sincere promise of love and commitment to the woman he knew he was meant to spend eternity with. Before Taylor could put the ring on, Jonathan showed her the inscription, Taylor welled up with tears as Jonathan put the ring on her finger, and like the ring said, he whispered in her ear, Forever and Always.

So here’s to Taylor and Jonathan! Forever and Always!

Taylor Levenson – @taykneelevenson
Jonathan Levenson – @jonathan_levenson

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