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#BrilliantWomen: Näas

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proud to feature Needa Medlich and Saskia Uzcategui, two extraordinary and proud Mexican women who honor and celebrate their storied history and heritage while embodying female empowerment as the founders and creators of Näas Jewelry.

Näas is an ethical luxury jewelry brand designed and produced by Needa and Saskia, Mexican gemologists whose mission is to re-invent traditional jewelry codes into pieces that enhance human beauty while being respectful to our planet. With avant-garde designed pieces made out of timeless cutting-edge lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, these brilliant women have created a stunning line of jewelry, where the heart of every piece both takes care of our planet’s fate and generates a deeper connection with our bodies.

We were honored to sit down with these amazing women to find out how they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and discover what inspires, empowers, and motivates them to continuously consciously create and sell jewelry that celebrates the earth, honors women, and seriously rocks! 

But don’t take it from us read on for the full interview and hear from these amazing, talented, and insightful brilliant women.

What inspired you to start your company?

Our profound passion for jewelry and nature inspired us to embark on this journey. Having extensive experience within the jewelry industry over the years, we couldn’t ignore the harsh consequences of conventional mining practices on our precious planet. It was a key moment when we set foot in gold and gemstone mines in Brazil, witnessing firsthand the environmental and social impact of traditional jewelry production. That day we decided to change the narrative on luxury jewelry and created Näas. An ethical jewelry brand that enhances human beauty while respecting our planet.

We are proud to be the first sustainable luxury jewelry brand in Mexico, where we only use lab-grown diamonds, conflict-free, and recycled gold. We are committed to new forms of production and consumption through awareness of our planet and the people who live on it.

How important is it to create and support female-founded businesses, and how do these businesses empower women?

Our dream is to empower other women by setting an example of what women can do to express our truest selves in everything we decide to achieve. This is our unwavering purpose.

As women, we are not only breaking barriers but building bridges to a future where opportunities know no bounds, and where every woman’s dream is not only attainable but integral to our collective growth and success. Together, we can create a more inclusive society that propels women toward better opportunity and progress.

We are proud to be the first sustainable luxury jewelry brand in Mexico, where we only use lab-grown diamonds, conflict-free, and recycled gold. We are committed to new forms of production and consumption through awareness of our planet and the people who live on it.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you and how do you celebrate?

Hispanic Heritage Month holds deep meaning for us. It takes us to our essence, to our roots; it’s part of our inspiration. We’re all about recognizing and empowering our incredible team because, without them, Näas wouldn’t exist. It’s a hip tribute to our heritage and a commitment to crafting our unique story.

What inspires your stunning pieces ,and how would you explain your creative process?

Through our jewelry, we seek to enhance the connection between the beauty of the female body and the limitless potential and power of nature. 

We start with a deep appreciation for the beauty and perfection of the female form and an understanding that the earth comes from a liquid state. As an ode to this liquid origin, with its constant state of flow and flux, and to the female form, as the purest state of physical perfection, we strive to see a connection between earth and body, as both stem from a physicality that is transformable, malleable, precious, and therefore infinite. 

Inspired by this connective potential, we can imagine material born, like the earth, in a liquid state while embodying the purity of the female form, and mindfully witness moments when this liquid flows and seamlessly transforms to take on another state and adopt a new silhouette to blend in perfect sync with the origins of the earth and the perfection of the body. Our creative process aims to capture these transformative moments, which are transitional yet unifying, to give rise to Näas Jewelry.

How does your art express your values and beliefs?

Our artistic creations serve as a commitment to ethics and our profound affinity for the natural world. Sustainability is our mantra, and it resonates in every piece we craft.

Our jewelry is a tribute to the beauty of the environment, and it’s a commitment to preserve and protect it.

What advice do you have for all women looking to explore their creativity either personally or commercially?

For all the incredible women out there looking to unleash their creativity, whether for personal passion or business pursuits, here’s the scoop:


  • Start now, imperfections and all: Don’t wait for the perfect moment or flawless plan. Imperfections are part of the journey, embrace them, and just dive in.
  • Authenticity: Stay true to yourself. Express what you genuinely love, aspire to be, and want to convey through your creativity.
  • Ask, Learn, Grow: Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek expert guidance. Learning is an ongoing process, and wisdom comes from those who’ve walked the path.
  • Persistence: Dreams demand determination and discipline. When the going gets tough, don’t throw in the towel on your first try. Keep pushing forward.
  • Own your worth: Recognize your intrinsic value. Before the world acknowledges your brilliance, you must honor and love yourself, and what you set out to achieve.
  • Respect the environment: Note that what you do will have a huge impact on others and our earth. There is no planet B.

What would you say to your younger self and why?

Follow your passion and your dream. Chase what you dream of. Be patient. The universe has its own timeline, and your stars will align when the time is right with the people who truly belong in your journey. Embrace Self-Love. Love yourself. Be true to you, and trust the process. 

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