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#BrilliantPride: Ra’ed

Ra’ed’s Story


From fashionable first impressions to gifts of loyalty and love, Ra’ed’s story embraces romance, celebrates pride, and encourages everyone to live out loud.


What was your first impression of your partner?

My first impression of my partner is very funny. He came to a choir practice, we’re both singers, and, in my head, I heard a very loud slamming of the door and some grand person walk in, and the first thing I noticed was his fashion, his accessories, his energy. Till this day I still remember the coat he wore, the jewelry he wore, even the way he had his hair, and I can remember thinking that I just knew this person would be in my life.


What’s your date night go-to?

My favorite date spot, hands down, is the Metropolitan Opera House. I am an opera singer and I can’t find anything more intellectual, more classy, more beautiful than mingling with people who love the arts, support the arts, and just enjoy that beautiful production of bringing creative people together to share in the love of music and theatre.


Who buys better gifts?

The best gift I ever received from my partner, and this was more of a gift for both of us, was our little puppy, Richard. The loyalty and love that an animal gives to you is the greatest gift that any man could ever receive. 


How do you celebrate Pride?

I celebrate Pride by being loud unapologetically, and understanding that we want to normalize loving yourself, and it’s all about knowing that you’re enough for the way you are, how you were born, and normalizing self-love, and to be free. When you live loudly, and allow yourself to be free, you start showing people that you deserve equal rights, that you are equal in society, that we have a place here and we’re going nowhere. 


What is a message you would like to share?

The message is, be proud of how you were born, of where you were born, and the biggest message is that we have to accept love no matter what shape it comes in, no matter what texture, what color, what sexuality, what gender, because love is beautiful and it has to be celebrated.  

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