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Women's Wedding Bands

Find the perfect wedding band to pair with your engagement ring. Feel free to mix and match bands with your engagement ring to create a look that is uniquely yours!

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A wedding band symbolizes eternal love, commitment and the many memories shared between two individuals. At Grown Brilliance, we understand the depth and meaning behind this sacred symbol.

Our collection of women’s wedding bands is designed to reflect the unparalleled beauty of love in its purest form. Learn what makes our bands truly extraordinary.

The Grown Brilliance Promise

For every love story, there’s a wedding ring that fits just right. At the heart of Grown Brilliance is our commitment to ethical jewelry-making. Every diamond set in our lab grown diamond wedding bands is grown with precision in a lab setting, ensuring that no mining or political conflict is involved.

Our eco-conscious approach ensures that while you’re committing to a lifetime of love, you’re also making a commitment to Mother Earth.

Our Women’s Wedding Band Collection

Embarking on the quest for the perfect lab-grown wedding band? Grown Brilliance understands that every detail matters, shaping not just a piece of jewelry, but a lifelong narrative. Here’s what to consider when choosing your dream wedding band:

  • Metal mastery: Whether it’s the ethereal hue of rose gold, the timeless appeal of white gold or the enduring strength of platinum, choose a metal that harmonizes with your daily wear and touches your heart.

  • Design dynamics: From the understated elegance of solitaires to the intricate dance of patterns, select a design that mirrors your personal flair and the depth of your commitment.

  • Stone symphony: The manner in which diamonds are set — be it the classic prong or the dazzling pave — can elevate the ring’s persona. Contemplate a setting that complements your diamond’s brilliance.

  • Diamond distinction: Choose a lab grown diamond with a clarity, cut and carat weight tailored to your preferences. We carry pre-designed bands with between ¾ and 5 carats and everything in between.

  • Band balance: Seek a width that graces your finger aesthetically and ensures day-to-day comfort. Your band should be a seamless extension of you.

A Band That’s Truly Yours

Every romance is unique and so should the band that symbolizes it. Grown Brilliance offers a range of styles – from the classic solitaire women’s diamond wedding band to intricately designed contemporary rings. If you’re looking for something as individual as your love story, our customization options ensure you get a band tailored to your taste.

Design your lab grown women’s wedding band with our Truly Custom Service. Collaborate closely with our seasoned artisans, allowing them to weave your vision and emotions into every curve and facet of your ring. At Grown Brilliance, we ensure every piece reflects your unique love story with our unmatched bespoke services.

Wear it With Pride Every Day

A lab created diamond wedding band should be comfortable, something you can wear daily without a second thought. Grown Brilliance bands are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless fit. Our artisans consider every curve, ensuring your band feels as natural as your own skin.

For instance, we offer smooth, slim bands at just 1.6 mm wide or more substantial bands at 4.9 mm wide that sit comfortably on your finger.

More Than Just Diamonds

While diamonds are a traditional choice, Grown Brilliance embraces diversity with a range of materials. Be it shimmering sapphires, radiant rubies, or the subtle elegance of plain gold, there’s something for every bride. We ensure that every gem used is of the finest quality, making your band beautiful and a lasting heirloom.

Craftsmanship That Lasts a Lifetime

Wedding bands are meant to be worn for a lifetime and passed down through generations. At Grown Brilliance, durability is as paramount as beauty. Our bands are designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring that the brilliance of your love story shines through the decades.

Our commitment to enduring beauty is reflected in our choice of lab grown diamonds. These gems possess the same physical and aesthetic qualities as mined diamonds, ensuring lasting radiance. By choosing Grown Brilliance, you embrace timeless elegance and sustainable brilliance that stands the test of time.

For Moments that Matter

Choosing a wedding band is a journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. From helping you find the perfect design to ensuring timely delivery, our dedicated team provides a seamless experience.

Grown Brilliance takes pride in offering unparalleled customer service because every customer is a part of our family. Each Grown Brilliance band comes with a lab grown certificate, assuring you of its quality and origin.

Our transparency and dedication to ethical practices have earned us the trust of countless couples worldwide.

A Circle of Love, A Lifetime of Brilliance

When two souls decide to become one, it’s a journey of love, trust and shared dreams. At Grown Brilliance, our wedding rings for women are crafted to honor that journey. We offer these symbols of love crafted with passion and precision. Your Grown Brilliance jewelry consultant is ready to make your special day truly special.

Absolutely! Grown Brilliance thrives on crafting unique lab grown diamond wedding bands. Whether it’s a specific gem, design or engraving, a jewelry expert is ready to work closely with you to ensure your band reflects your personal taste.

When selecting wedding bands, pairing them with the engagement ring style is recommended. This can be done by purchasing matching bands, complimentary bands and/or contour bands that match the engagement ring.

You can add matching or complimentary bands to your Bridal set through Truly Custom! Truly Custom is located on our website here: