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#BrilliantProposal: Austin & Kelsi

GB Proposals Are Taking To The Sky

For Kelsi and Austin, it was love at first sight. Sparks flew the first time they saw each other in their school halls and they haven’t stopped seeing each other since. As the saying goes, when you know, you know. 

These high school sweethearts are on their way to a happily ever after…after a memorable proposal high above a sparkling Panama City Beach. 

The Big Moment

One day on their vacation away from the Midwest cold, Kelsi surprised Austin with a helicopter ride. Little did she know, he had a thoughtful gift of his own planned…The engagement ring of her dreams and the promise of forever.

With a fairytale proposal like that, of course Kelsi said yes! Now the sky’s the limit for these two lovebirds. But let’s not forget about the striking Grown Brilliance ring Austin picked out to celebrate their love. 

Its combination of a round center stone and a marquise diamond band make it timeless, ultra-sparkly, and oh-so-elegant. This ring lights up the room, just like the sunny, beautiful girl who’s wearing it. 

This round solitaire is one heck of a souvenir. If only every vacation could end with a diamond.

Wedding bells are on the horizon for Kelsi and Andrew, and we’re honored to have been a part of their love story. 

Have your own #BrilliantProposal in the works?

Looking for the perfect ring for your own dream proposal? Take a closer look at this beauty for some inspiration. Or consider designing your own for a truly unique piece for your one and only.

Either way, we’ll be the first to toast your #BrilliantProposal.

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