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Do Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect diamond jewelry for your collection, a treasured gift for a loved one or to pop the question, you want the best value for your purchase. Lab grown diamonds are rising in popularity, but do they hold their value over time? 

Learn how to determine a lab diamond’s worth, whether grown diamonds have resale value and why a high-quality lab created ring, bracelet or wedding set from Grown Brilliance is always a worthwhile investment. 

How are Lab Diamonds Valued?

A lab diamond’s value comes from the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Their worth in the diamond market is based on the stone’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight, otherwise known as the 4Cs. This table outlines these categories and how they affect a lab grown diamond’s market value: 

Lab Grown vs. Mined Stones: The Ethical Value of Lab Diamonds

According to industry analyst Edhan Golan, in 2022, the cost gap between natural and lab diamonds was about 76%. This difference in diamond prices can lead to more lab created stones on the market, lessening their resale value. 

However, for those interested in lab grown diamond bracelets, rings and other accessories, this may not be the biggest indicator of value. One of the biggest reasons for purchasing lab grown diamond jewelry is that it supports ethically sourced beauty. 

Natural diamonds typically are associated with geopolitical conflicts like civil wars in Africa and the Russian-Ukraine War. They also tend to involve unethical labor conditions for miners, including low pay, unsafe environments and long hours. 

A lab diamond’s value lies not only in the stone itself but also in the peace of mind that comes from supporting ethical practices. These gems are created in a regulated lab setting and aren’t associated with political issues, increasing their worth in terms of conscientiousness and responsible consumerism. 

Economic Value of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab created diamonds hold economic value based on rising demand and material content. In 2023, sales of lab diamonds rose by 47% compared to 2022, showing increased interest in these gems. 

This shift is transforming the traditional diamond market and influencing the value of natural and lab created diamonds. The developments are happening in real time, making it difficult to determine the future market value of diamonds, whether lab grown or mined. 

If you’re concerned with the resale value of your diamond jewelry, there is always a market for high-quality stones and metals like gold and platinum. For example, precious metals dealers value jewelry based on the stone and precious metal metal content. 

A 14K yellow gold lab grown diamond engagement ring can have significant value, with the gold alone currently worth around $2,356 per troy ounce.

Why a Lab Grown Diamond is Worth the Investment: Sentimental Value

Investing in lab grown diamonds is a deeply personal choice that holds sentimental value in addition to economic worth. At Grown Brilliance, you can boost the emotional value of your lab diamond piece with the following: 


  • Customization. Select specific features, like the size and cut of the stone and the type of metal, to create a piece uniquely yours. For instance, you can choose princess, round or emerald cut stones for a lab grown diamond tennis bracelet to showcase your style.  
  • Personal storytelling. Design a one-of-a-kind ring, bracelet or other piece to reflect your personal journey or commemorate a special moment. Our Truly Custom service lets you work with artisans to bring your idea to life within two weeks. 
  • Engraved messages. Add a special engraved message to a lab diamond ring or necklace to make the piece even more meaningful, perfect for gifting or as a keepsake.
  • Build your own set. Create your own stackable ring set, allowing for versatility and personal expression over time. Choose up to four styles from our pre-designed options to mark a special occasion. 

Find Stunning Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry at Grown Brilliance

If you’re in the market for lab grown diamond rings, wedding bands, bracelets or earrings, shop Grown Brilliance. Our stones are certified by the IGI and GIA, ensuring the best quality and ethical standards for your lab diamond. 

We also offer a price match guarantee, which means you pay a fair price based on the lab diamond’s market value. Browse our collections today to find the perfect lab created jewelry for your collection.

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