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#BrilliantProposal: Josh & Anne

Sometimes Traditions are Made to be Broken!

We love the classics, but untraditional #BrilliantProposals have a special kind of magic.

Whether you’re planning on getting down on one knee, or you’re the one saying “yes” we’ve all dreamt of the perfect proposal.

But all the best plans in the world are no match for life’s funny twists and turns that keep things interesting. Sometimes though, those unexpected hiccups make important moments all the more magical. Anne and Jost would have to agree. 

Just over a year ago, Anne and Josh lived a whopping 150 miles apart and didn’t know the other existed. If things had gone according to plan, they never would have met. 

The Stage Is Set

A little glitch in their online dating settings helped these two cross paths. Despite the distance, they couldn’t deny their instant connection and their shared love of blue heeler pups. They decided to take the leap and see if that first spark could overcome the distance and turn into something more. 

Before they knew it, voila! True love!

The Big Moment

It didn’t take long before Josh was planning a grand proposal fit for a Hallmark movie, and Christmas was the perfect time. One thing he hadn’t prepared for was a nasty case of the flu. 

Josh was ready to postpone the big moment until they were on the mend, but cuddled up with Anne and their pups turned out to be the ideal moment he’d been waiting for. 

It turns out the Grown Brilliance ring he smartly picked for his love was the ideal remedy for these lovebirds! An emerald diamond surrounded by a hidden halo and an elegant pave-set band guarantee a lifetime of sparkle for their happily ever after.  

Cheers to a few twists of fate that lead to the unexpected yet romantic proposal! Congratulations, you two!

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