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Commitment to Ethics

Buying a diamond should not come with environmental or ethical concerns—it should be a seamless experience that marries luxury and integrity.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds offered at Grown Brilliance are completely conflict-free because they are man-made in a controlled laboratory setting. All local labor laws are followed, including child labor laws, and the creation of our lab grown diamonds is free from funding violence, warlords, rebels, terror groups, corrupt governments, or other human rights abuses all of which are synonymous with natural or mined diamonds.

Protecting the Environment

When a diamond is mined, some 250 tons of earth is shifted to produce one carat of diamond. And every year, 148 million carats are mined. These mines are so massive that they can be viewed from space. This massive mining causes various problems including air pollution, water pollution, ecosystem loss and damage, greenhouse gas emissions, and usage of harmful materials in jewelry. We believe that lab grown diamonds are better for the environment than mined diamonds because lab grown diamonds are grown above ground, in a controlled laboratory setting, minimizing impacts to our natural resources. Additionally, we rise above the typical standard to provide diamonds that have been cautiously selected for their environmentally responsible heritages.